Question I get signal in the input (meters showing signal) but nothing in the output. What is the problem

Answer If this occurs on all presets (factory + users) it is a global level parameter: Press EDIT /MENU and go to Glb levels menu - Check Volume parameter - If it is at -100dB, set it back to 0 dB. This parameter can take the -100db value if you usually use a volume pedal and you have disconnected it. Press EDIT/MENU and go to Utility menu - Check insert lock parameter. If this parameter is set to ON, it is probably because you want to use the insert loop all the time and not per preset. If nothing is connected in INSERT loop and it is set to ON, that will mute the signal. Solutions: - Re-plug the pre-amp or connect a simple jack from the send to the return if this is a temporary situation. - Disable insert lock >>>> in this case the presets where INSERT is set to ON will still not give sound, but the ones with insert set to OFF (factory presets) will work.