The TonePrint sent to the pedal will override all the controls of the Flashback Delay and will not be affected by the position of them, only by the TonePrint. But be careful with these 2 things:

  1. The "FX LEVEL" is NOT programmable by the TonePrint Editor for the Flashback Delay, so this parameter is always affected by the current position of the knob. In other words, what you see is you what get for the "FX LEVEL" knob.
  2. When you have selected the TonePrint you want to load in the Flashback Delay, hit the "Send to Pedal" button. Then go out of the "Library" mode (at the top of the window of the TonePrint editor) and go to the "Editor" mode to modify the parameters you want. Of course, if you want to modify some of them to create your own TonePrint. But remember this thing : you can still retrieve the original parameters of the TonePrint clicking to "Library" and coming back again in the "Editor" section. Conversely, never do that if you do not want to lose your modifications. Click on the "Store to Pedal" button and save your own TonePrint clicking the "Store" button on the "TonePrint" section of the Editor.

If you modify the position of one knob, for instance "DELAY TIME" except "FX LEVEL" you will lost the parameter of the original TonePrint previously loaded in the Flashback. The delay time is now set on the current position of the knob. E.G. : 5000 ms. Turn off the effect off with the footswitch and turn it on again, you still get the same delay time of 5000 ms. But if you turn the delay type selector to "RVS"  for instance and go back to "TONEPRINT", you will retrieve all the settings of the original TonePrint. This will work on the same way with all the TonePrint pedals.