Question What are the differences between the Flashback Delay and the Flashback Mini Answer The two pedals are similar regarding parameters available in the Toneprint Editor. The only difference is that the Effect Level for the Flashback Mini is available, not for the Flashback Delay. Of course, the Mini is smaller than the Flashback Delay.
  • The Flashback Delay can be 9V. cell battery powered not the Mini.
  • The Flashback Delay has a DELAY TYPE SELECTOR and a SUBDIVISION SELECTOR Switch.
  • Stereo Inputs and Outputs for the Flashback.
  • Two DIP switches into the Flashback to select the Bypass Type :
You can choose True Bypass or Buffered Bypass to avoid signal loss when using long cables and several pedals before your amp. The second DIP switch is to activate the Kill Dry to get only the effect sound and cut the direct signal. This is suitable for an amp loop use.