Question I love the sound of the Dark Matter. For lead, I would enhance Dark Matter with MojoMojo. Will it be possible without getting too much noise Answer This combination is a great idea! I personally used a similar setup for years with some variations. Two MojoMojo Overdrive pedals with different settings or MojoMojo Overdrive connected in Dark Matter Distortion. And even sometimes the Spark Booster combined with distortion or overdrive pedal. This kind of combination is really flexible because you can decide what order to connect your pedals. If you particularly like the sound of Dark Matter Distortion, connect the MojoMojo after your guitar, then the Dark Matter, then your amplifier. The most logical is the overdrive or booster first, then distortion and finally your amp. But do not be afraid to explore, you will not harm your pedals, any may come up with some surprising results.   With such a configuration, you can turn on each pedal individually,or use both pedals together for a different result. It is like having a remote control to add more gain in your sound. You will not have more noise if you carefully adjust the gain (overdrive / distortion) and level settings on both pedals. With the right settings you should even get less noise for more distortion. Please keep in mind, as all of these pedal are able to add gain to your signal, please reduce you amplifier level when experimenting so you do not harm your amp, or worse, your ears.