Question How can I get the FCB1010 to work with the G-Major / G-Major 2 / G-Force and switch effect blocks, tap tempo, bypass, relays etc...

This a pure Behringer FCB1010 support issue, but as this is not explained clearly in the FCB1010 manual, we describe below the programming procedure step by step for all G-Major / G-Major 2 / G-Force users. This way you can get switches to send a controller with 2 values (0 and 127). You will then be able to assign these switches to effect block bypass, tap tempo, global bypass, tuner mute, switch relays etc... This procedure was kindly sent to us by Gerry Malcolm from Canada. We tested it and it works.
  • Select bank 3 and patch (3)6, then press the DOWN button to enter programming mode.
  • The green SWITCH 1/2 LED lights up.
  • Press UP to confirm your selection. The SELECT LED lights up.
  • The LED's of all the currently assigned functions will light up (This is usually EXP A, EXP B, and PROG CHG 1). Please refer to the manual page 11 and table 2.3 for explanations of the various functions.
  • Make sure only buttons 8 and 9 are lit (EXP 1 AND EXP 2); these are the expression pedals), you may de-select any others by holding them down for a couple of seconds.
  • Now it's time for an effect on/off switch. We must assign the min. and max. controller values separately via BUTTON 6 (CNT 1) AND BUTTON 7 (CNT 2). Think of these as on (127) and off (0).
  • Press button 6 (CNT 1) and hold it for a couple of seconds. The LED should light up. Press it again quickly and the LED will begin flashing.
  • Press UP to confirm your selection.
  • The NUMBER LED will light up. Enter the controller number you wish to use (for this example use number 69).
  • Press UP to confirm your selection.
  • The VALUE 1 LED will light up. Enter 127 for the on message to be transmitted.
  • Press UP to confirm your selection.
  • The SELECT LED will light up.
  • Repeat the above steps** with button seven (CNT 2) to assign control value 0 for the off message to be transmitted.
  • To save the preset hold the DOWN button for a couple of seconds.
Now repeat the entire process for patches 37-40. If all goes well you should now have five on/off switches. The Behringer software still does not work perfectly for this purpose as double presses are sometimes needed to activate an effect, and the LED's do not properly show the status of the controller (i.e. On and Off). For any further questions on how to set up the FCB1010, please get in touch with Behringer directly.