Question I am looking for echo unit to replicate the Hank Marvin sound. Answer The best pedals for the job would be the Triple Delay, the Alter Ego X4 or the Alter Ego V2. Throughout the years, Hank Marvin has used a lot of different delay units. A few examples include:
  • Meazzi/Vox Echomatic 2 
  • Vox Long Tom 
  • Binson Echorec 
  • Maestro Echoplex
All of these units have one thing in common: these are all tape echoes. Whilst the Flashback Delay and the Alter Ego (1st version) have some tape echo simulations, the Alter Ego X4 and Alter Ego V2 are both dedicated to recreations of vintage echo-machines of the past. Both pedals have some interesting presets: Binson Echorec, Copykat, Tel Ray Organ, Maestro Echoplex, etc. As you can see, many simulations of the units used by Hank Marvin are available on our pedals. The main features are:
  • Slapback tape delay
  • Short delay time 80/100ms
  • Feedback around 50%
A touch of room reverb and you are there. Here you can read and hear more about the Alter Ego X4Here you can read and hear more about the Alter Ego V2Finally for Hank Marvin delay check this video out with the Triple Delay Please check out these pedals at your favorite dealer.