Question When I dial the push/enter knob on my TC 1128 it is jumping two steps

Please press the UTIL button during power-on to initialize the TC 1128 to the old encoder type. Reason: The front on the TC 1128 was redesigned with a new encoder type (Alps). The old design used a different encoder (Bourns). Software version 1.23 supports both encoder types. The new encoder type is default and thus, the TC 1128 needs to be initialized by holding UTIL while powering the unit on, in order to obtain correct function of the old encoder type. The encoder function needs to be re-initialized after both a minor- and major reset of the TC 1128. If you have a unit where you need to dial "two clicks" on the encoder to jump one parameter, it means that you have got a new encoder type but either haven't updated the software to 1.23 (shown in the display at power up) or accidentially have intiated the unit to the old encoder type, in this case, please perform a minor reset of the TC 1128.