Question The software update didn't work and now my PolyTune won't start anymore. What should I do

Most importantly: don't worry, your pedal is not broken! It is still in boot mode and uploading the software to it should fix it. Prior to releasing the Drop-D software update, the procedure was extensively tested, and the below three suggestions will fix this issue:
  1. First, simply try uploading the software to the pedal again.
  2. If it fails, please check that the PolyTune USB driver has been installed correctly (with pedal NOT connected to the computer) prior to uploading the software.
  3. If it fails again, please try uploading the software on a different computer, after installing the PolyTune USB driver.
Please observe: when the pedal is in bootmode, it won't show any LED activity when uploading the software until the update is completed! If you still have problems updating your pedal, please get in touch with the Support Team.