Question How can I use the MIDI mapping function on the G-Major

This feature was introduced in G-Major software version 1.07. Please make sure you have at least this software version. You can download the latest G-Major software here. To access the MIDI mapping function:
  • Go into the MIDI/UTIL menu and set the program bank to custom. Then push the right hand inner knob to enter.
  • You can now choose the incoming program change you want to map by turning the inner knob.
  • By turning the outer right hand knob, you can choose where to map this preset change to. By turning the inner knob, you can select the preset that should be recalled for this preset change.
For example: Program change 1 - mapped to Factory preset 50, Program change 2 - mapped to User preset 4, Program change 3 - mapped to User preset 16, Etc. This way you can choose which preset the G-Major should recall, for a given incoming program change. If you have made presets on your MIDI programmable pre-amp, you can now choose which preset on the G-Major should be recalled together with these presets.