Question How do I enter an MD2 license in my M5000 How do I check the licenses in my M5000 Can I use my MD2 license on another DSP-engine or move it to another M5000

Installing an MD2 License:
  1. Please press the UTILITY-button and turn the PROGRAM-button to the CONFIG menu.
  2. Use soft dial A to select MD-2 OPTION.
  3. Press DO once.
  4. The display will now show the current status of the MD-2 license: OPTION shows the type TIME, if the license is a demo (time limited) LEVEL shows number of licenses installed.
  5. Press DO again.
  6. Use softdial A (CURSOR), B (CHARacter) and C(NUMber) to you enter the 20 character license code.
  7. Please check that the code is entered correctly.
  8. Press DO and enter the subcode. Again, please check that the code is entered correctly.
  9. Press DO, the display should now show "Code accepted, Reboot M5000" If it shows "Code illegal", please start over again, verifying that you have selected the correct option and that the serialno., code and sub-code are entered correctly. In case you are entering a demo license, make sure that the ref. code matches the reference code returned with the license.
  10. Please switch the M5000 off and then on.
Checking the MD2 licenses installed:
  • You can check your installation by following steps 1 - 4 above
  • If LEVEL is off no MD-2 licenses are installed.
  • If LEVEL is i.e. 1 it means that one license is installed and you can run a MD-2 algorithm on one DSP-engine, you can also, with one license run a TOOLBOX preset on the first DSP-engine and simultanously a MD-2 preset in a second DSP-engine.
  • If LEVEL is 2, you can run two MD-2 presets simultanously and even also two TOOLBOX presets (needs totally 4 DSP-modules)
  • TIME shows the time limit and counts down in hours and minutes unless it is a permanently installed option. The time limit will in that case be 'forever'. When the time is up you will get a warning and at the next power up the temporary option is gone.

Press UNDO to go back to the CONFIG MENU.

Please note: The license is in the M5000 mainframe, linked to its serial no. and is not related to the DSP modules, which means you can swap modules and recall MD2 or TOOLBOX presets on other DSP modules when you got licenses available in the frame. You cannot move a license from one M5000 to another.