Question Is it possible to use the Flashback delay to get a chorus sound  Answer It's possible as the Corona Chorus and the Flashback Delay share the same modulation engine. Please see this FAQ about this topic. If you do not know much about modulation effects this topic should help. To start, the most simple way to get a chorus effect only with the Flashback Delay will be to use Artist TonePrints. For that, you will need to use the TonePrint App on smart phones (Android or iOS) or the TonePrint Editor on your computer. The TonePrint Editor is located here. Please see for instance: "Multiple TonePrints" by TC Electronic. There's a beautiful tri-chorus effect for the Flashback Delay. It is available both in the TonePrint Editor or in the TonePrint app. Or you can use the TonePrint Editor at the Editor page. First tab at the upper left corner, you have a drop down menu with a few templates. You have "TriChorusOnly" & "TriChorusAltOnly" templates. You will also find flanger and vibrato templates. You can start with the templates then modify and save the setting to your own personal taste.  Please note: If you change settings of a template for a personal TonePrint, once you are happy with the sound, before sending this TonePrint to the pedal, please store your own TonePrint on your computer. Use the Store button at the upper right corner. Doing that, you will be able to load your own TonePrints in the future and see all parameters you have used for a specific TonePrint. It's a way to do your personal TonePrints library. Cool isn't it Of course you can transpose everything that has been said in this topic to every TonePrint enabled delay pedal:
  • Flashback series
  • Alter Ego Delay series