Question Im trying to pass my mixes from the Finalizer's ADAT output to an ADAT soundcard. When sending from my DAT digitally into the Finalizer and then into the ADAT input of soundcard or my ADAT XT Im getting intermittent clicks or pops - typical clock garbage sounds. Ive enabled the EXT Sync option on my soundcard card (for sample accurate transfer I use the BRC cable), so thats not the problem. Is there a known clock problem with the Finalizer

When using ADAT's with the BRC remote, the BRC prefers to be the master clock of the system. This means that any signal that you're passing to the ADAT's should be synced to the BRC clock - not the other way around. In the case of the Finalizer 96K, we have added exactly that ability to enable transfers like the one desribed above. Please connect your setup as follows:
  1. Finalizer 96K digital Out to ADAT digital In,
  2. ADAT digital out to Finalizer 96K digital In,
  3. On the ADAT choose "Digital In",
  4. On the Finalizer 96K select "ADAT" as clock source (in the "Mainpage" "In" page).
This will enable the Finalizer sync to the ADAT clock and remove any slipsample clicks. Please note that this setup will only work when using Analog Ins on the Finalizer 96K.