Question Is it possible to use the Ditto X2 as 2 independent loopers to feed 2 separate guitar amps from one guitar  Answer Yes. You can essentially consider the Ditto X2 as two parallel loopers if you have both inputs connected. With both inputs connected, whatever signal is coming in on the mono input will be fed to the mono output and whatever is coming in on the stereo input will be fed to the stereo output.   To do this with one instrument, you will need a pedal in front of the Ditto X2. This pedal will let you choose to send the signal between the mono input or the Stereo input. You can use an A/B Box to select one or the other input or a special panning volume pedal for panning between one or the other input. Below are examples of pedals you could use to do this. Please consult your retailer of choice for further options.  A/B BoxAB-BOX200x150.jpg Panning Volume PedalErnie_Ball_Vol-Pan_Pedal_200x150.jpg Note: You can use each channel of the Ditto X2 for two different instruments. Please see at page 9 in the user manual.