Question I was wondering if there is any information you could give me on the Ditto X2 in terms of how it works and why you included the features that it has. Answer First, the main design purpose for the Ditto was to make looping easy and understandable. Thus we cut all the features you don't need. Reason for that was that we did usability studies with different loopers and found that even experienced and tech savvy guitar players weren't able to figure out the workflow of some competitor models or that the user interface was way too complicated and that this killed the fun for a lot of people. When creating the X2 we just added some features that our customers asked for, but kept the overall workflow simple. Stereo recording, a dedicated stop footswitch, basic Loop FX and the option to export/import your Loops as audio files. This is how it works. Regarding the operate mode of the Ditto, we can say in order to record audio, usually all loopers need to have buffered bypass circuit. That is because the signal has to pass through the DSP to be recorded. The Ditto Looper and Ditto X2 are really true bypass devices. With Ditto we made the first true bypass looper that works through a super fast relay that switches the pedal from true bypass to buffered bypass once the recording switch is pressed. This way, you get your dry signal true bypassed without any coloration when not recording. You can hear the relay every time you turn the looper 'On' or 'Off' as a little click sound that comes from the relay. It guides the signal in the true bypass circuit when you turn it 'Off' and through buffered bypass when you turn the Ditto 'On'.