Question I am having difficulties setting up the G-Major with my amp. I have it set in the effect loop. I have to turn the volume of the amp op way high for the input meter to come even near 6 dB. If I don't and just leave the volume as I would for normal rehearse level, the G-Major produces noise (input meter is low, 30-40dB), since I have to turn the input knob on the G-Major at its highest. How can i set the g-major so that i dont have to crank my amplifier to get a decent input. It can't be right that I have to turn my amp up so much

Go to the I/O menu of the G-Major and set the Input Rng parameter to from 'Pro' to 'Consumer'. This makes the input more sensitive. In order to obtain an equal output level you should reduce the Output Rng by 12dB (i.e. from the default 20 dB to 8 dB).The default setting is normally Pro which will match most preamps. However some guitar loops output a lower signal level (-10dBV consumer level).