Question My System 6000 / Mastering 6000 / Reverb 6000 bypasses itself intermittently. What could be causing this problem

If you are connecting unbalanced cables to the Outputs when the ADA 2496 cards Output connection mode is set to Balanced, the Outputs will be muted/un-muted sequentially via a goldplated short circuit protection relay. This is intentional and will not cause damage to any device. When you use the System 6000 with unbalanced equipment, make sure you have set the ADA 2496 cards to the correct Output connection mode.
  • Go to the FRAME/SYSTEM > I/O page. This is where you setup card specific parameters.
Parameters are only available when a I/O Card is detected. (SLOT A, B, C) For the ADA 24/96 card the following parameters can be set:
  • Balanced/Unbalanced Operation
  • Unbalanced operation
Some mastering studios prefer unbalanced wiring. Please read these notes for optimum performance. Preferably, balanced cables should be used on Inputs and Outputs even for unbalanced setups. Inputs:
  • Pin 2 hot, pin 3 connected to reference (shield) at the Output of upstream device.
  • Output, pin 2 selected
  • Pin 2 hot, pin 3 connected to reference (shield) at the Input of downstream device. In this mode pin 3 acts as a reference Input for the ADA2496 Output stage and should not be left unterminated.
This mode will not work properly with balanced inputs unless wiring is compensated as described. If wired properly, this is the optimum output mode for feeding unbalanced devices:
  • Output, pin 3 selected
  • Pin 3 hot, pin 2 not needed. In this mode pin 2 and pin 1 carry the same output reference.
This works with balanced inputs using 1:1 wiring, but balanced mode should be selected if driving a balanced input.