Question  Is it possible to change parameters the knobs control in the TonePrints I do Answer Yes it is possible and it is the most interesting part of the TonePrint editor. For that, you need to use the knob selection and the modifier display located to the left side of the TonePrint editor. You can chose among many parameters but it is possible to bypasses all controls on the pedal if you want. Useful if you do not want to modify accidentally the parameters of your TonePrints. Please see here a FAQ on this topic. This FAQ is for all TonePrint pedal compatibles Here is on how to proceed (extract of the TonePrint user manual) Assigning parameters to a knob: "Start by selecting a knob in the Knob Selection section. The selected knob will be highlighted. Select one of the three yellow, red and blue LEDs. The selected LED will be highlighted. Select a parameter you want to control from the drop-down menu to the left of the LED. Turn the knob to see its current position highlighted in the graphical Peak Performance interface. As you can see, you can assign up to three parameters to a knob. The currently selected parameter will be highlighted in the display, with the other parameters still visible in the background. Scaling the selected parameter is described in the next paragraph. Modifier display: In the upper left part of the TonePrint Editor window is small graphical interface where effect values assigned to the currently selected knob are represented by peaks and valleys. This display is your key to understanding and controlling the way your pedals knobs control effect parameters. Before you can define the relationship between knob positions and parameter values, you have to select the parameter in the Knob Selection section. Once you have selected a parameter, the modifier curve for that parameter will be shown in the Modifier display. By default, this is a straight line from the parameters lowest value in the lower left corner to the maximum value in the upper right corner. To modify the curve, you can either drag one of the circle-shaped control points of the modifier curve, or you can select one of the numerical values shown right below the display and enter the desired value manually. As you can set the modifier curve separately for each of the three parameters that each knob can control, you could make a knob on your pedal increase one parameters value as you turn it clockwise while decreasing another parameters value at the same time. We suggest playing your instrument and turning the currently selected knob to get a better understanding of the way that knobs and modifier curves interact." Do not be afraid to experiment as you will not damage your pedal but  will discover all the potential provided by your pedal using the TonePrint editor.