Question Is Tone Print Editor capable of making the "Ethereal I" sound of the Trinity with the Hall Of Fame pedal Answer Yes it is possible.
  • Connect your Hall of Fame to your computer through USB
  • Turn on the pedal (red LED) and select the TonePrint slot on the HOF (reverb type selector all the way up)
  • Open the TonePrint editor and select the "ModPlate" template in the drop down menu
As the modulation is too present in the reverb signal comparing the original "Ethereal I", you will need to lower the mix setting in the modulation section. Set it to around 40%. Then set the modulation speed to 272 mHz. Set other parameters to your taste, for example I set the reverb decay to around 7 seconds for a wide reverb effect. Once you are satisfied with the reverb effect you made, do not forget to save your own TonePrint in the TonePrint editor. This will allow to recall this TonePrint in the future to see what are all the parameters are. Furthermore, it's possible to modify all of your own TonePrints later. Finally, send your own TonePrint in the pedal clicking on "Store to Pedal". It's done. Ethereal II: Proceed in the same way. Keep the same settings as "Ethereal I" but adjust the HiColor to: -40 and the Depth 1 (in the modulation section) to 100 %. The TonePrint editor is available here