Question What is the future for the PowerCore Platform

TC Electronic has ceased new development on the PowerCore platform, as of January 2011. This means, we will not be developing any new PowerCore hardware or new PowerCore plug-ins. However, PowerCore is not discontinued and we will continue to sell PowerCore plug-ins from our web shop. The My Account registration system will continue to be available, and the TC Support Team will continue to be able to support license management and ownership changes on the PowerCore platform. Remaining issues or bugs in the plug-ins or the drivers will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. With the recent release of PowerCore 4, the PowerCore system -- drivers, control panel and plug-ins -- is very up-to-date and supports current operating systems as well as current VST- and Audio Unit host versions (as of January 2011.) But for obvious reasons, we cannot guarantee that PowerCore will run on future operating systems versions of Windows and Mac OS, though there are good chances that it will. Similarly, we cannot guarantee that PowerCore will run on future host versions. However, PowerCore adheres to the VST and Audio Units specifications, and unless changes are made to the hosts' handling of plug-ins, PowerCore will remain compatible. Customers who wish to continue using their PowerCore systems in the future, are advised to remain with their current setups or at the very least undertake a minimum of compatibility testing with PowerCore, before making any upgrades to either OS or host.