Question What is PowerCore Unplugged

If you do not already own a PowerCore. PowerCore Unplugged is essentially a PCI mkII card, but with some very important differences:
  1. It is not bundled with any plug-ins whatsoever.
  2. You will not be able to install the 'regular' PowerCore PCI mkII plug-in package, and use it with PowerCore Unplugged.
  3. It is not possible to purchase the plug-ins that are included with the PCI mkII in a special bundle for the PowerCore Unplugged. If you wish to do that, you should buy a PCI mkII instead.
The similarities between the PowerCore PCI mkII and PowerCore Unplugged are:
  1. The hardware is identical on both cards as they have same amount of DSP power and RAM.
  2. You can run the same amount of plug-ins on them.
  3. You can use all optional plug-ins with both.
So essentially the only difference is the bundle of plug-ins you get with the PCI mkII. PowerCore Unplugged is also ideal if you wish to use one only with select 3rd party plug-ins, rather than the included plug-ins.
If you already own a PowerCore. PowerCore Unplugged is an great solution for you, as it expands your DSP power by allowing you to run both the included plug-ins and any 3rd party plug-ins you may already have registered (provided of course that you don't leave the PowerCore Unplugged the only PowerCore hardware in your system -- if so, please see the section above for further detail).