Question Is it possible to create a TonePrint that bypasses all controls on mt Tone Print enabled pedal If yes, how would I do this Answer Yes, it is possible to bypasses all controls on the pedal and it's a great idea. Of course, to do this you will need the TonePrint Editor. You can download it here. My example will be using a Flashback Delay but it will work with all TonePrint compatible pedals. Edit your own TonePrint as you want. Don't forget that you can use the templates from the drop down menu in the "TonePrints" section next to the "Load" & "Store" buttons. Once you are satisfied with your TonePrint, go in the "Knob Selection" section, click on the "DELAY" knob, and select "No selection" for the 3-drop down menus. Then click on the "FEEDBACK" knob and do the same as you did for the "DELAY" knob.  Before sending the TonePrint to your pedal, I suggest you store your TonePrint in the editor, that way you can easily find them in the future. Once you have saved your TonePrint, send the TonePrint to the pedal. Keep in mind that you will no longer be able to use the pedal's knobs as they are no longer assigned to any parameter. For the example, on the Flashback Delay you will only be able to adjust the "FX LEVEL" and the "DELAY TYPE SELECTOR" as these knobs are not programmable in the TonePrint editor. If you change the "DELAY TYPE SELECTOR' knob you will no longer hear your TonePrint as you leave it. Also remember you can bypass one or several knobs and still leave one or several active knobs. I wrote this example with the Flashback Delay, but if you do this with the Shaker Vibrato for instance, you are able to assign parameters to the 4 knobs. Don't forget to set all knobs from all drop down menus to "No selection". This trick prevents the TonePrint Editor resetting and sending the "Reset TonePrint" message to the pedal. Additionally, it allows you to completely bypass the knobs on the pedal to keep your settings as they were. You will also be able to set some parameters within the Editor beyond the normal possible values of those on the pedal, for example the Feedback parameter. Normally, it is not possible to increase feedback past 99% on the pedal itself, despite the fact that the feedback parameter goes up to 120% on the Editor. Even with 120% set on the Editor, the knob on the pedal itself will still only reach 99%. With my method however, there is a work-around. We can effectively bypass the knob, therefore making it possible to retain ALL of values set within the Editor on the pedal itself. Special effects guaranteed with some parameters on extreme values! Be careful with some values. For instance 120% feedback will bring self oscillation and will overload the pedal.