Question I recently purchased a D-two and am having problems I think with the reverse effect. It doesn't always work in all the delay patches. Say I have a feedback loop going on and I want to reverse it at some point, I hit the reverse switch and my signal disappears switch it back and my feedback loop is there. I have tried putting the threshold down to -60 or so but that doesn't seem to do the trick. Some times it works fine though. Is this normal

As you noticed the Reverse delay is triggered by the input level. However the Threshold works a bit tricky. When the input level passes the Threshold the Reverse delay is triggered, but in order to make it retrigger the level has to drop approximately 6 dB below the threshold and Then come back up. This means that if your Threshold is set to -60 dB, the signal will manage to trigger the delay one time, but after that it needs to drop below -66 dB in order re-trigger the delay. Therefore you need to set your Threshold close to the input level that you are working with.