Question How do I set up the Icon Software on an Apple computer with the System 6000

  1. Connect the Ethernet cable from the Mainframe to the Computer,
  2. Go to System Preferences and launch the Network preference,
  3. Change the configuration to Manually,
  4. Change IP address to,
  5. Change the Subnet Mask to and click 'Apply',
  6. Launch the Icon and click detect,
  7. If the computer cannot connect to the System 6000 Mainframe:
    1. Disable the other Ethernet port(s) .To do so select that port in the network preference and change the configuration to 'Off'. It may also be necessary to disable Airport networking.
    2. Test connectivity by using the Network Utility Application located in the Applications > Utilities folder. Click the Ping tab > Type 192.168.126 > Click 'Ping'.