Question Since Apple has updated their iOS 8, the normal sized TonePrint pedals are no longer recognized by the TonePrint editor in iOS 8. Why is this Answer This is due to Apple having changed the specs for allowed buffer sizes in iOS 8, resulting in some of our full-sized TonePrint pedals no longer being recognized by the TonePrint editor. The following pedals appear to be affected by this:  Shaker, Vortex, HOF, Dreamscape, Corona (+ variants) and Flashback (+ variants).   A temporary workaround for this issue would be to use the above mentioned pedals with either iOS 6 and 7 or to use the PC or Mac versions of the TonePrint editor. All mini Pedals and X4 based-pedals appear to be unaffected by this issue and are functioning correctly under iOS 8. 3rd of February 2015 update: Since Apple is not changing the iOS we have to update all TonePrint pedal firmwares for iOS 8 compatibility. We need some time to update all firmwares so please be patient. Also, we will need some customers to help test the new firmware upgrade. Please subscribe to this FAQ in order to be notified as to when we have new information available on this topic.  March 2015 update: We have now a new firmware update for our normal sized TonePrint pedals. That fixes the issue with the pedals not being recognized by the Toneprint editor on iPad if you are using iOS 8. Please get in touch with us if you are experiencing this issue.