Question What is the latest software version for the G-Natural

The latest version is the 1.04 and you can download it here

Fixes from 1.03 to 1.04

  • Instrument input - Compressor responding to Mic /Line Input signal - fixed
  • Compressor attack and release not responding to parameter changes - general attenuation of 12 dB- fixed
New features 1.02 to 1 03:
  • A new highly accurate tuning mode has been added to G-Natural.
  • Full MIDI menu including MIDI Dump, MIDI Program Change, MIDI Program Map, MIDI Tap CC and more. 
  • New Output Range parameter eliminates noise problems in certain setups. 
  • Size and Shape parameters added to Reverb effects block.
  • FX Bypass levels may not be correct after preset recall with routing change. 
  • Detune meter not redrawn correctly.
  • Boost lock freezing.
  • Changing between modulation presets produces Wobble effect.