The following will allow you to operate the FM600 Filter Machine to its full potential:1.  Connect your guitar to the input jack of the FM600 using a 1/4" instrument cable.2.  Connect your amp to the output jack of the FM600 using a 1/4" instrument cable.3.  Use the SENS control to adjust the sensitivity of the filter an hence the level at which the frequency modulation starts to work.4.  Use the PEAK control to define the shape of the filter from narrow to wide.5.  Use the FILTER switch to select one of three filters types:
  • BP - Band Pass
  • TF - Twin Filter
  • LP - Low Pass
6.  Use the RANGE control to adjust the travel range of the of the filter frequency.7.  Use the POL switch to determine the whether the filter frequency moves up to higher frequencies (UP) or down to lower frequencies (DOWN) according to the dynamics of your playing.As always, experiment with the controls until the desired effect is achieved.