What settings need to be made within Deckadance for using with the CMD Studio4A controller   Once the correct driver has been downloaded from our website and correctly installed (no driver is needed when using Mac):With the CMD Studio4A connected to your computer via USB start Deckadance.Go to the Preferences menu and Remote MIDI Control tab.decka1.PNGIn the Auto Detect Controller window click "Press to scan for connected controllers".decka2.PNGA prompt now appears on screen "Behringer CMD Studio4A controller found do you want to use it".Click OK.decka3.PNGIn the MIDI Inputs/Outputs window you will see "CMD Studio4a" click the "ON" button.User-added imageNow go to the Audio Setup tab.decka6.PNGIn the Audio Device Type window select "ASIO" from the drop down list.In the Device window select "CMD Studio4A ASIO" from the drop down list.In the Output Routing window select "Internal Mixing".In the Monitor L window select "Studio4a-3" and in the R window select "Studio4a-4".In the Master L window select "Studio4a-1" and in the R window select "Studio4a-2".decka7.PNGYour controller is now setup to produce MASTER signal at L&R OUTPUTS 1 (on the rear of the console) and PHONES cue signal for both decks.