1.  Connect a MIDI cable between the MIDI IN/OUT on the back of the mixer; creating a MIDI loop.2.  With the mixer off navigate to the CROSSFADER section. Here you will find HIGH/MID/LOW frequency kill functions for channel A and B.
You will need to press and hold HIGH/MID/LOW for channel A simultaneously, while powering the mixer on.
3.  The FX LED display will now read "ADJUST VR24 FOR BEST READABILITY".4.  Using the CONTROL SETUP encoder (located directly blow the FX LED display, you will be using this for the entire diagnostics process) press "OK".
5.  The mixer will now check all meter LEDs.  When this test is finished, press DONE. The mixer will now check all LED buttons, when finished select DONE.
6.  Now check all BUTTONS and KNOBS. Going through each paramter, i.e. MIC CH1-4, MAIN OUTPUT, ULTIMIZE/USER SETTINGS, PHONES, FX1/2, MIDI, SAMPLER, CROSSFADER, CHANEL FADER section, and MASTER CROSSFADER section press each button and push encoder.  Make sure the press the smaller buttons as well, i.e. REC SOURCE, SAMPLE LENGTH, MIDI ADJUST, FX BEAT, etc. or else the mixer will not pass you through to the next test.  When finished, you will go onto CHECK CURVE SWITCHES.
7.  Here you will need to navigate to the individual channel faders 1-4. There are curve switches labled, SOFT, SHARP, and MID. Push them up and down until the mixer reads them each individually. Go onto the CHECK ALL ENCODERS. (From the next step on the mixer will read vales of encoders and knobs. For encoders you will have to go from 0-10 and for knobs you will have to go from 0-511. At any time, if the mixer is not reading the full amount in the LED display, continue going LEFT to RIGHT,  LEFT to right, until the value is read.) 
8.  The mixer has 3 PUSH ENCODERS located in the FX 1/2 parameter.  Turn each encoder all the way to the left and to the right, individually so that the LED display shows both boxes to the left and right of the encoder at 10 and highlighted.  Now go to the CHECK ALL POTS AND FADER test.
9.  The mixer will run this test from MIC parameter -> CH1-4 parameters -> MAIN OUTPUT -> PHONES -> SAMPLER -> FX1/2 -> CHANNEL FADERS -> CROSSFADER -> CF CURVE nob.  For each value you will need to either turn the knob left - right or crossfader up and down.  The mixer will not allow you to move forward until all values are accounted for. Proceed to the CHECK MIDI IN/OUT (DO BYPASS) test. 
10.  You will only be able to pass this test if you have utilized a MIDI cable (as stated above MIDI in -> OUT).  Using the CONSOLE SETUP encoder, press pass. 
11.  The mixer will now ask if you want to write all presets with factory data.  Select OK. Wait a moment while the mixer writes all presets to factory data and when it is complete press OK. 
You can now do a series of AUDIO TESTS. I recommend scrolling to the bottom and pressing ok.