1. Select one of the encoders, buttons, or faders, by using the respective keys.
2. Keep the EDIT key pressed and briefly turn the encoder, button, or fader, then release the EDIT key. (Now the top row of encoders are used for programming)
3. Turn Encoder 1 (TYPE): Select control change (CC).
4. Turn  Encoder 2 (CH): Select a MIDI channel. This channel must correspond to the receiving channel on whatever software you are using.
5. Turn  Encoder 3 (PAR): Select a desired controller number. (See chart below)
6. Turn  Encoder 4 (VAL 1 = minimal value): Select the lowest value (0).
7. Turn  Encoder 5 (VAL 2 = maximum value): Select the highest value (127).
8. Turn  Encoder 6 (MODE): Select Absolute (AbS). Now you can press EXIT to get out of programming mode.

Be sure to press STORE twice to save your work. You should also save it to another location to have a copy.

Press STORE once, use the PRESET keys to select the new location. Press STORE a second time.