To perform a factory reset on the V-AMP 3, begin with the V-AMP 3 powered OFF.Find the "D" and "E" preset selection keys on the top panel of the V-AMP 3.While pressing and holding the "D" and "E" keys, power up the V-AMP 3."CL" appears in the display.Release the "D" and "E" buttons.Press both the BANK UP and BANK DOWN keys simultaneously.This erases all saved settings and any stored user-created presets, and returns the V-AMP 3 to its factory settings.(Note: Because the V-AMP 3 does not have a power on/off switch, you will need to power the unit on or off by connecting or disconnecting the V-AMP 3's power supply from the AC outlet, leaving the multipin power adaptor end connected to the V-AMP 3's power adaptor inlet jack. Alternately, you may connect the V-AMP 3's power supply to a multi-outlet "power strip" and use the on/off switch on the power strip to turn AC power on or off to the V-AMP 3's power supply).