Use the WC in connector to connect devices for the external synchronization of your ADA8000. This BNC connector is only active when the respective setting on the rear is made. When, for example, various devices are interconnected in a digital recording system with, say, a digital mixing console, all digital units connected have to be synchronized via a shared wordclock signal.

The setting of the switch depends on the application of your ADA8000. If an external ADAT recorder is supposed to send the wordclock signal (in this case, the ADA8000 functions as the slave), the switch has to be set to the ADAT in position. Please also note the instructions given in the user's manual of your ADAT device. When your ADA8000 functions as the master (here, the ADA8000 sends the wordclock signal) please use the switch to select the sampling rate of your choice (either 44.1 or 48 khz).