The following will allow you to operate the FL600 Flanger Machine to its full potential:1.  Connect your guitar to the input A jack of the FL600 using a 1/4" instrument cable.2.  OPTIONAL:  Use inputs A and B to connect a stereo source using 1/4" instrument cables.3.  Connect your amp to the output B jack of the FL600 using a 1/4" instrument cable.4.  OPTIONAL:  Connect a secondary amp to the output B jack using a 1/4: instrument cable for a full stereo effect.5.  Use the SPEED control to adjust the speed of the flanger effect.  In Chorus, Vintage, Sine, Saw Up, and Saw Down modes, turning this control to MIN brings the LFO to a halt.6.  Use the TIME control to adjust the flanger delay time.  Longer delay times produce a sharper, more detuned sound, very close to a chorus effect.7.  Use the F.BACK control to adjust the amount of output signal fed back into the flanger input in order to confer more or less intensity to the effect.8.  Use the TYPE switch to choose between a high-fidelity , DIGI(tal) flanger with a flat frequency response , a vintage-type, ANALOG bucket-brigade delay filtered frequency response and a classic studio flanger from the 70s (TAPE).9.  Use the DEPTH control to adjust the fullness of the effect sound.10.  Use the POL switch to choose between NEG(ative) and POS(itive) feedback flanger modes.11.  Use the MODE control to select the different flanger modes.As always, experiment with the controls until the desired effect is achieved.