The following will allow you to operate the ADI21 to its full potential:1.  Connect your guitar to the IN jack using a 1/4" cable.2.  Connect the ADI21 to your mixer using the balanced XLR output.3.  Connect the ADI21 to your amplifier (if you are using one) with a 1/4" cable connected to the Out jack.4.  Activate the ADI21 by pressing the footswitch.  The ADI21 acts as 5.  Use the Treble, Mid, and Bass controls to adjust the frequencies of your tone.  The Mid level control has an additional frequency control that sweeps from 170 Hz to 3.5 kHz.6.  Use the Level control to adjust the overall output of the ADI21.7.  Use the Blend control to adjust the amount of effect of the pedal in your signal.  Most applications will call for a 100% blend (fully clockwise), though turning that control counter-clockwise can yield some interesting results.8.  Adjust the Pad switch to -20 if you find that the signal is clipping or distorting.9.  Adjust the GND Lift switch to On if you find you have a hum in your signal.As always, experiment with your settings to find the tone that sounds best to you.