Equipment needed:

BEHRINGER DDX3216 One pair of BEHRINGER TRUTH® Studio Monitors CD player Two RCA to ¼" cables Two ¼" to ¼" cables

Connections: Using the RCA to ¼" cables connect the left and right outputs of the CD player to LINE INPUT 1 and 2 on the DDX3216. Using the ¼" cables, connect from the CONTROL ROOM OUTPUT L and R on the mixer to the ¼" AUDIO INPUT of the left and right TRUTH speakers.

Basic settings: On the DDX3216 channels 1 and 2; The PAD 20 dB switch should be in the 'UP' position. The GAIN knobs should be turned all the way to the left. Both channel faders should be all the way down.


On the DDX3216 Main section; The CONTROL ROOM 2 TK TO CTRL R button should be in the 'OUT' position.


On both of the TRUTH monitors; Turn the INPUT TRIM knobs to '-6 dB' (all the way to the left).


The demonstration: 1.  Turn power on to the CD player, the DDX3216, and the TRUTH monitors. 2.  On the mixer, press the FADER CH 1-16 switch so that it lights up. 3.  Use the following controls to adjust the volume level of the CD player tracks routed through the DDX3216 to the speakers; channel 1 and 2 GAIN knobs and channel faders, MAIN level fader, CONTROL ROOM LEVEL knob, and the INPUT TRIM knobs on the TRUTH monitors. 4. To adjust the pan control for channel 1, press the CHANNEL CONTROL PAN switch to make it light up, press the channel 1 SELECT switch so that it lights up. The screen will indicate the PAN setting for channel 1, and you can adjust the pan position by using the channel 1 AUTO/REC knob, or master controller 2 (the 2nd knob to the left, under the display). 5.  Repeat the process for step 4 to adjust the pan control for channel 2.