1.  Press the channel 1 SELECT switch so that it lights up.

2.  Press the GATE switch in the PROC (process) bank until the display shows the GATE menu page for the selected channel.

3.  Use master controller 1 (the knob, which can also be used as a switch, to the far left under the display) to select 'SELF/SUM' as the KEY for the gate. With this default value the input signal is also the signal used to determine the amount of gain reduction.

4.  Use master controller 2 (to the right of controller 1) to set both the ATTACK time and the gate THRESHOLD. Turn the controller to edit the values of the selected controls (surrounded by a dotted line), or press it to switch to another parameter. Set the ATTACK to '20MS' (the time the gate needs to open completely), and the THRES. (threshold) to '-40dB'.

5.  Use master controller 3 to set the RELEASE time (the time the gate needs to 'close' completely) to '150MS' and the RANGE (the amount of gain reduction applied when the gate is 'closed') to '-35dB'.

6.  Use master controller 4 to define the HOLD time as '80MS', which is the length of time that the gate stays 'open' after the signal has dropped below threshold. Use master controller 6 to switch the GATE to 'IN' if it isn't in that position already, so that you can see the graphic display of your settings.

7.  Press the COMP (compressor) switch in the PROC (process) bank or the NEXT switch (to the right of the display) to access the COMP menu page.

8.  Use master controller 1 to select 'SELF/SUM' as the KEY signal.

9.  Use master controller 2 to set the THRESHOLD to '-40dB' and the ATTACK time to '20MS'.

10.  Use master controller 3 to set the compression RATIO to '8:1' and the RELEASE time to '300MS'.

11.  Use master controller 4 to set the KNEE (the compression curve at the threshold) to 'hard' (all the way to the left), and the makeup GAIN to '+10dB'. If needed, use master controller 6 to switch the COMP page to 'IN' so that you can see the graphic display of your settings.

12.  Press the GATE or COMP switch in the PROC (process) bank or use the PREVIOUS or NEXT switches next to the display to access the DYNAMICS LIBRARY (LIB) page.

13.Turn or press master controllers 3 and 4 until you see 'SELECT PRESET 47' above the list of available presets.
14.Press 'STORE' (master controller 1) to store CHANNEL LIBRARY preset number 47. This will open the STORE CHANNEL PRESET menu.
15.Use master controllers 1 and 2 to make STORE TO 47 appear above the list of available STORE TO locations.
16.Edit the preset name by use of master controllers 3-5. Master controller 3 is used to delete the preset name displayed under STORE AS, controller 4 determines the cursor position, and controller 5 determines the character to be entered. Use the controllers so that 'DYN 47' appears below the 'STORE AS: title.
17.Press the ENTER switch next to the display to store the preset. At this point you could also choose CANCEL to return to the CHANNEL LIBRARY menu.
This demonstration uses processor preset memory location 47 to store the DYNAMICS settings for this channel strip, but any location between 1 and 128 will work.