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If you are plugging your headphone output of your phone or MP3 player directly into an input of your mixer using a 3.5mm TRS to 1/4" TRS jack cable you may notice the audio does not sound correct. This could be loss of vocals, bass sounding weak or general distortion. This is a phasing issue which is the result of supplying a mono input with a stereo signal and can easily be avoided using a specific cable type. The cable type you would need is a '3.5mm TRS jack to 2x TS 1/4" jack stereo breakout cable' below is an example of this cable so you know exactly what you are looking for:   cable.jpg You can then utilise one of the stereo channel inputs (shown below) on your mixer and your audio will play from your phone or mp3 as you would expect.    Stereo input.jpg