new logo JPEG.jpg      X32Series Smaller.jpg For this article we will tackle the question using an example of connecting an S16 which is located on stage for stage instrument connections, an X32 Compact for Front Of House mix and an X32 Producer for a recording mix to a DAW.   * Please note any of the X32 series can also be used (i.e X32, X32 Rack or X32 Core) as all X32 units in the series feature the exact same Audio system.    Hook Up Diagram:   X32 Network KB@.jpg   As can be seen in the hook up diagram, connect Port A of the S16 AES50 to Port A of the X32 Compact Front Of House (*FOH). Then connect AES50 Port B of the FOH X32 to the X32 Producer's Port B. These connections are made with a CAT5E cable (preferably a shielded cable with Ethercon connectors like our NCAT5E-50M). Final connection is the X32 Producer USB port (located on the X-USB or the X-UF card), connect this to your computer's USB port.      Setting The Master Clock and Sample Rate Next step is to set the master clock on one of the devices (X32C, X32P or S16). Any one can be the master as long as the others are set to slave. All sample rates on each device must be set the same, either 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz. For this demonstration we will set the X32 FOH as master and the rest to slave.      - On the FOH X32 Compact control screen go to SETUP>Global. Under Synchronization you have 4 options, select 'Internal' and set the sample rate you require, in this case we will use 48 kHz: clock.png   Internal - Selecting this makes the mixer produce the Master Clock therefore making it the 'Master'. AES50A - Selecting this tells the mixer to receive clock signal via AES50 port A, making it 'Slave'. AES50B - Selecting this tells the mixer to receive clock signal via AES50 port B, making it 'Slave'. Exp.Card - Selecting this tells the mixer to receive clock signal via the Expansion Card slot, making it 'Slave'.     - Now on the X32 Producer (Recording Mix) under 'SETUP>Global' we set the Sample Rate to 48kHz and set the 'Synchronization' to AES50B. We do this becase the master clock is coming from the X32 Compact which is connected to the X32 Producer via AES50 Port B.    x32 prod clock.jpg   - The S16 is set to standard mode which is the most ideal mode to run with an X32 (more detailed info on modes available in the S16 manual)      Network Sync Confirmation Firstly you can see if the different equipment is registered on the network and is connecting by looking at the routing page of the X32 mixers. Go to ROUTING>Home and look at the section on the right hand side labeled 'Connected Devices'. A small picture should appear of the connected equipment:   On the X32 Compact FOH: device 1.jpg     On the X32 Producer (Recording): device 2.jpg   Once this has all been set you can check the sync status by looking at the top section of both X32 Screens. You will see a green light by the connection type if all is properly synced (a red light will appear if it is not). connect dual.jpg     Routing Now we must set the routing. On the X32 Compact (FOH) go to ROUTING>Home and set the first two columns (inputs 1-16) to AES50A 1-8 and AES50A 9-16 as shown in the image below. This sends the audio channels from the S16 to the channels 1-16 on the X32 Compact (FOH) ready to be mixed for Front Of House.    Routing 1.jpg   Then on the ROUTING>aes50-b tab, set the first two columns (Outputs 1-16) to AES50A 1-8 and AES50A 9-16 as shown in the image below. This sends the AES50A Audio (the audio coming from the S16) through the AES50B port and to the X32 Producer. The X32 Producer will then get the direct audio from the S16 Snake so no matter what the X32 Compact (FOH) mix is doing it won't affect these channels being sent to the X32 Producer (Recording Mix).    routing 2.jpg   Next we need to set the Routing on the X32 Producer (Recording). Go to ROUTING> Home tab. Set the first two columns (Inputs 1-16) to AES50B 1-8 and AES50B 9-16 as seen in the image below.  routing P.jpg   Now the Network has been fully setup and you are ready to get mixing.   The final step is to set the Card out of the X32 Producer in order to record the mix to the computer via USB or Firewire depending on your X-Card. In order to record your actual mix you will need to set up the 'OUT 1-16' Bus. The following article describes how to do this:  X32 How Do I Record X32 Effects Into My DAW