By Default the X32 Rack Main Channel Encoder does not scroll through channels. You must scroll until the appropriate channel is selected on the small channel display, then you must press the encoder to jump to that channel on the main display. As shown in the next 3 images: IMG_1647.JPGIMG_1648.JPGIMG_1649.JPG------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you want to be able to scroll through the channels using this encoder without the need to push the encoder to select the channel then please follow the following instructions:- Go to the SETUP menuIMG_1651.JPG- Under the GLOBAL Tab scroll down to Auto Select using encoder 1.IMG_1652.JPG- Push/Click encoder 1 to select the Auto Select option.IMG_1653.JPG-Turning the channel encoder will now scroll through channels without the need to push/click the main channel encoder.IMG_1655.JPG