From amp simulations 1-16 (in white letters): AMERICAN BLUES: Modeled on the Fender Bassman 4X10 Combo.  The standard amp of Blues giants such as Steve Ray Vaughn and Billy Gibbons. BRIT BLUES: Modeled on the Marshall JTM 45, Eric Claptons amp when he performed with The Cream. BRIT CLASS A: Based on the Vox AC 30, which has been used by Brian May and The Edge. RECTIFIED HI GAIN: Modeled after the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Trem-O-Verb, which produces a modern, high gain sound.  A great amp for Heavy Metal, but also for Steve Lukather-like sounds.  Used by John Petrucci of Dream Theater. FUZZ BOX: Based on a special fuzz box.  Jimi Hendrix was one of the first to use this type of humming distortion sound, which has become popular again with Alternative Rock and Grunge music. CLEAN V-AMP: Made to simulate the Roland JC-120.  The brilliance of a transistor amp combined with the power that is usually associated with an undistorted tube amp. From amp simulations 17-32 (in gray letters): CUSTOM CLASS A: The model for this simulation was the Budda Twinmaster.  This Class-A amp was renowned for its warm sound combined with irresistible tube distortion.  Although the original amp did not have a mid control, we have given the V-AMP 2 the capability of suiting the mid range to your taste. SMALL COMBO: This model is based on the 1960 Tweed Champ.  The main attraction of this amp simulation is when the DRIVE function is used, and it became a favorite amp of many guitar afficionados.  It produced an amazingly distorted sound even at low volume.  The Tweed Champ had a volume control, but no EQ control.  If you want the most authentic sound out of this amp, keep the sound control on the V-AMP 2 in the mid-range. AND CUSTOM: This simulation is based on a 1965 Marshall JTM 45 Bluesbreaker but has more flexibility of sound control.  Turn the GAIN control to the left and this simulation sounds like a Marshall; turn it to the right and it is more reminiscent of the Budda. BRITISH CLASS A 15W: Another Vox model, based on the first channel of an AC 15 from 1960.  Unlike the AC 30 this amp had only one 12 speaker, instead of two, and produced a warmer sound.  Tip: to make this simulation sound as authentic as possible, leave the BASS and MID controls in mid-travel position and vary the TREBLE control only. SAVAGE BEAST: England is well-known for amps that can make themselves heard.  The Savage 120 in particular has built up a large following among guitarists.  For some time now Ritchie Blackmore has been a major endorser of the German company, and Randy Hanson, the best Hendrix since Jimi, also swears by this amp.  The unique feature of the Savage is its extreme power and is therefore highly popular with heavy metal guitarists.  CALIFORNIA DRIVE: Based on the Mesa Boogie Mark II c, this is purely a simulation of its drive channel, and is definitely the right choice for Santana songs.NOTE: All manufacturers and models mentioned in this article are for reference purposes only. All associated copyrights and trademarks are property of their respective owners. BEHRINGER and MUSIC Group are not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned in the above text.