new logo JPEG.jpg FX2000.jpg In this article we show how to change between Factory and User Presets via Midi using Control Changes and Program Changes. We used Cubase 6 to show the process but the same process applies to all standard DAWs and Midi Sequencers. We used an FX2000 but the same process applies to all the DSP racks as well. Please see the article's tags for all versions.    Firstly we consult the Manual to find the Midi Implementation charts. As you can see below we can use upto 100 standard Midi Program changes to load the presets:   Midi implementation chart FX2000.jpg   More detail can be found in the Controller Change Chart from the manual, in order so that the FX2000 recognizes whether you want to load a User Preset or a Factory preset we use the Control Change Value within the CC00 command, a '0' value  will load the factory presets and a value of '1' will load a user preset. The program change number dictates which number preset you want to load. Controller Chart FX2000.jpg   Below is the list editor of Cubase, here you can see the 'Data 2' field represents the Control Change Value, 'Data 1' is where you set the control change number itself. As you can see the first two program changes in the list will be a Factory preset because the CC0 value before it is set to '0' so the unit will change to factory preset 57 and then 8. The 3rd preset change will be User preset 20 because the CC0 value is set to '1', and so on.   FX2000 Program change.jpg     It should be noted that the Unit should be connected via midi cable to the DAW/Computer/Sequencer and that the Midi Receive setting is set to on on the Behringer unit. Also the correct channel should also be set on both the device and the DAW.