The following will allow you to use the Hellbabe HB01 to its full potential:1.  Connect your guitar to the IN jack using a 1/4" cable.2.  Connect the HB01 to your amplifier input using a 1/4" from the OUT jack of the HB01.3.  The pedal is automatically activated when your foot moves the rocker portion of the device.4.  Use the Boost control to adjust the level of the Boost button (max. +15dB)5.  The Q control adjusts the shape of the filter peak.  Fully clockwise produces a large peak with high output level, while fully counter-clockwise produces a lower output level with a more subtle peak.6.  The Fine control can extend the toe-down frequency of the sweep range up to 2.2 kHz.7.  The Range control extends the heel-down frequency from 440 Hz to 250 Hz.8.  The Boost button activates the boost function, which is only applied when the pedal has been activated.These controls over a wide variety of tones that will serve you quite well in your musical ventures.