Delay can be adjusted for Input, and Output on the DCX2496.

For Input Select the Input you desire by pressing either A,B, C, on the front left panel.
Press the Page key to go to Page 2, 
Use Jog wheel to select "on" for Delay.
Use Parameter to cursor down,use the large jog wheel to select the amount of time or distance.

For outputs, press the Page Key to go to Page 8 of 8

Use the Parameter key to select how the outputs are grouped.
(either Low outputs only - or - high, mid, low, as a group)
This is done by selecting either the "Short" or "Long"  setting.
Once selected use the jog wheel to determine the amount" of delay.

Do this for each output you are using on the DCX2496 by selecting # 2, 3, 4 etc..
Select the corresponding output button to change to the next output on the bottom right row.