The Date Code on your Behringer unit can be found near the serial number on the product itself.
The format of the date code is YYMM, where YY= the 2-digit production year and MM = the 2-digit production month.
For example, a date code which reads the following - 1202 - indicates year, and then month. 
12 = 2012  
02 = February
There is also a certain logic built into our serial numbers.  
The last 3 characters in a unit serial number actually tell us what model the unit is.  Every one of our models has an internal 3-digit product code that cross-references to the model.  This is how we know a person is giving us a correct model/serial number combination when we issue an RMA.
The unique serial number is actually found in positions 4,5,6,7 and 8 of the 11-digit serial number string.