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In this guide we will show how to configure Cubase with the X32 for recording purposes, ideal for both live and studio applications. 1. Connect the X32 to your computer via USB or Firewire. 2. Go to the 'SETUP' menu on the X32 and navigate to the 'Config' tab. Make sure that 'Local' is selected in the 'Synchronization' menu.
IMG_2013.JPG3.Then navigate to the 'Card' tab and set I/O (Inputs/Outputs) configuration you wish to use. Bear in mind the higher the track count the more processing power will be used by the computer.
IMG_2012.JPG4. Now go to the 'ROUTING' menu of the X32 and navigate to the 'Card Out' tab. Set the output columns to 'Local' and in the track configuration order you wish to use. If you are using a Behringer S-16 Stage box then select 'AES50 A or B' instead of 'Local'. A combination of these can be used but only in blocks of 8 channels.Please note that the signal path is taken directly after the preamps and bussed through the X-USB or X-UF Card to the computer. EQ, dynamics, effects and fader levels are not put in the signal path, if you wish to record these stages in the computer please see the article 'How Do I Record X32 Effects Into My DAW'
IMG_2009.JPG5. Open Cubase on your computer and setup a new project or continue an already opened project.6. Go to the 'Devices' menu and click on 'Device Setup'.
01.jpg7. Navigate to the VST Audio System page, select the 'X-USB' or 'X-UF' ASIO driver and then click 'Apply' and then 'OK'. 
02.jpg8. Next go to the 'Devices' menu again and select 'VST Connections'.
03.jpg9. In the VST Connections window click the 'Add Buss' button and then select 32 mono tracks in the popup window (or the track count you require).
04.jpg05.jpg10. Now that the input busses have been configured you will need to add tracks to the Cubase project. To do this simply select 'Project' in the menu and 'Add Track'. Select 'Audio' tracks. Then choose the amount of tracks you wish to add (in this case 32), remember to keep them mono.
07.jpg11. Now that the tracks are in the project you will need to set the input channel for each one. Do this by selecting the track in the right hand track panel and set the input in the left hand side properties panel.
09.jpg12. Repeat the steps for the remaining tracks.Cubase is now ready to record all your great tracks via the X32!