new logo JPEG.jpg     Often a lot of compatibility issues can be solved with a simple firmware upgrade, in this article we will show the simple process of downloading and installing new Firmware of the FCA1616/FCA610. This install can only be performed on Windows computers.   - Go to and in the search field type in either FCA1616 or FCA610 then click on the picture to go to the respective product page.     - At the top of the FCA1616 or FCA610 product page click the 'Downloads'  tab.   - Scroll down the page and and you will come to the Firmware section, select the latest one (in this case 'Firmware 8427 RC' and download it. - Before installing the Firmware make sure you have installed the latest driver, the drivers are also available in the Downloads section.   - Connect the FCA via USB or Firewire to your computer, power it on then open up the zip file of the Firmware update we downloaded earlier and double click the appropriate setup file for your Operating System either 32 bit or 64 bit. (If you have no zip/compression software you can use freeware software such as WINZIP or WINRAR   - The Firmware Update box will pop up, you should see your FCA show in 'Device Info'. Press the 'Update' button and the update will process. Do not power off the FCA or unplug the USB connection whilst the update is active, wait till the update complete confirmation appears.