Sidechaining dynamic effects has long been an invaluable tool for the mixing and live sound engineer. With the X32 this is made very simple with the Key Source function built into the audio engine. The Key Source function is available on all channel and mixbus Gate and Compressor/Expander effects. Please note Key Source is not available for the effects in the FX Rack at the time of the writing of this article.   Here you can see the 'Key' sections of the Compressor and Gate effects:  Comp SC.JPGGate SC.JPG 

Key Filter
The 'Key' section offers great flexibility in shaping the Key Source audio which helps getting the desired sidechain effect simple and quick. The Key Filter section features a Frequency dial that you can use to set the desired frequency of the Key Filter, it goes from 20Hz to 20KHz. Then to the right of the Frequency Dial there is a column of filter shapes, here you have a selection of 2x Low Pass filters, 2x High Pass filters and a Band Pass Filter. The Slope/Q dial let's you set the Q width (or Slope) of the filter. To use the Key Filter section you will need to activate the 'On' button.  Key Filter section: key screen filter.jpg 

Key Source
The Key Source section is where you select the source audio to send to the Key Input of the effect. Again it is highly flexible as you can select almost any channel instantly. The list of selectable channels are as follows:  Channels 1-32Aux Channels 1-8FX Channels 1-4 Mixbus 1-16Key Source section: key screen source.jpg