1. Turn power on to the V-AMP 2, then the amp or speaker system.
  2. Using the MASTER and VOLUME knobs on the V-AMP as well as the VOLUME knob on the amp or speaker system, adjust the volume to a desired level.
  3. Select a preset between 52 and 80 (BANKS 11-16).  This is the area where User Presets are saved.  Use the same process as outlined in STEP ONE of this course to find a preset that you like.  Press the TUNER key to return to PLAY mode.
  4. Press the B and D buttons simultaneously to select one of the five configuration modes.  See STEP THREE in this course for more details on configuration mode options.
  5. Select from amp simulations 1-16 by using the AMPS knob, or hold down the TAP key while using the AMPS knob to select from amp simulations 17-32.
  6. Use the control knobs for VOLUME, BASS, MID, TREBLE, and GAIN to further shape the sound.
  7. Hold down the TAP key while turning the TREBLE control to adjust the PRESENCE level.
  8. Select an effect with the EFFECTS SELECTION knob, and adjust its intensity as part the mix signal by using the EFFECTS knob.
  9. To access and adjust a second effect parameter, press and hold the TAP button while using the EFFECTS knob to control the parameter.
  10. Except for COMPRESSOR and AUTO WAH, the parameters of the internal effects are speed-based.  The TAP will affect Delay Time or Modulation Speed.  Adjust the effect tempo to synch to the rhythm of the music by hitting the TAP button twice.
  11. Press the arrow keys (below BANK DOWN and BANK UP) simultaneously to enter SETUP Mode.
  12. The B through E keys will now activate the DRIVE, CABINET, REVERB, and NOISE GATE functions.
  13. Use the arrow keys to edit these functions.  The display will show the value of the currently selected parameter as it is edited.
  14. Press the TAP or TUNER button to quit SETUP Mode and return to PLAY Mode.
  15. Keep the A through E button to the preset of your choice pressed for about 2 seconds.  The button LED will light up permanently to show that your edit has been saved.
  Note: You dont have to save your new preset settings in the originally selected memory location.  For example, lets say that you like the sound of the preset in bank 3, position D, but you want to alter some settings like BASS and GAIN levels, and save them to bank 14, preset A.   First you would make the changes to the BASS and GAIN levels in preset 3D.  Next, you would use the arrow keys to select ban 14, and press and hold the A key to store your changes into preset 14A.  When go call up preset 3D, youll notice that the original settings havent been changed.