NewKBlogoPNG.pngEP4000_P0A37_Right_XL.png     The EUROPOWER EP2000 and EP4000 can be run in mono-bridged mode, this operating mode enables you to add up the respective voltage of both channels and use it to drive a single loudspeaker. The voltage is therefore double, the peak power is quadrupled and program power is roughly 3 times as high as that of individual channels.    Please note that the mono-bridged mode puts added demands on the amplifier and speakers. Excessive distortion may occasionally completely mute the amp's output as well as cause permanent damage to the speakers. Please assure that your speakers (minimal impedance 4 Ohms) as well as the cables used can handle the extra power generated in this mode.   Important information about running in mono-bridge mode can be found on the back of the amplifier:   EP4000_P0A37_Rear_XXL.png   We will first turn our attention to the mode switches and how to configure them for mono- bridge operation.   Mode switches.jpg                  Mode swtich table.jpg   To set the amplifier to mono-bridge mode switches 6 and 7 need to be set to the on position. When running in mono-bridged mode, the voltage of both channels is added up and fed into a single loudspeaker system. There is one input and one output signal respectively, and only the controls of channel 1 (and not of channel 2) are used. To prevent signal cancellation due to internal phase inversion, the GAIN control belonging to channel 2 must be turned to its left-most position. However should switches 4 and 5 still be in the PARALLEL INPUTS position while in mono-bridged mode, the signal on the free input (input channel 2) can be forwarded to an additional amp.   Next we will look at pin-out configuration for speak-on cables when used in mono- bridge mode. Here again we refer to the back of the amplifier for information.    Pin-out table.jpg   We can see that the required pin-out configuration for the amplifier end of the speak-on cable is 1+ positive and 2+ negative. So we know a NL-4 or 4 pin speak-on connector cable is required. This is shown in the diagram below.   Speak-on connector.jpg   In order to rewire your amplifier end of the Speak-on cable you can use the following instructions.    Firstly we need to open up the end of the speak-on cable so that we can access the individual wires inside, this is done by:   1) Select the end of the speak-on cable which is going to be used for the amplifier output. You may wish to mark this end as you will use the same end for the amplifier every time you are using mono-bridge mode.   Speak-on end.JPG   2) Unscrew the blue collar by turning it anti-clockwise.   Speak-on unscrew.JPG   3) Slide the 2 black wire covers out of the way, one will go off the end of the cable whilst the other will slide down the cable along with the blue part so they are out of the way.   Speak-on remove covers.JPG   4) The speak-on connector is now open and the wires can be easily accessed. Please note that colour coding can vary between manufacturers regarding the internal wires.    Speak-on opened.JPG   Now that the speak-on connector is open we can rewire the correct pins for mono- bridged operation. The number and polarity of each pin is shown in the black plastic next to it in an NL4 cable there is a 1+, 1-, 2+ and 2-. As we noted earlier mono-bridge operation of the EUROPOWER EP2000/4000 requires that we use pins 1+ and 2+ with 1+ providing the positive signal and 2+ providing the negative.   On the speak-on cable I am using the colour to pin format on both ends is as follows:  
Amplifier EndSpeaker End
2+ RED2+ RED
  So in this case at the amplifier end of the cable I need to swap the red and yellow wires over. This is done by loosening the screws over the wire clamp so that the wire can easily slide out and then reinserting the wire in the relevant clamp before tightening the screw back up. (please note this guide assumes that the speaker in use requires a pin-out of 1+ pos, 1- neg)   Speak-on wiring.JPG    My colour to pin format is now as follows:  
Amplifier End Speaker End
Now both the cable can be closed and resealed ready for use with the EUROPOWER EP2000/4000 in mono-bridged mode. You can also operate the EP2000/4000 in mono- bridge mode using the binding posts using the following instructions:   Binding posts 1-4.jpg Binding posts diagram.jpg Binding posts caution.jpg   Be sure to consult the manuals and specifications of your amplifier and speakers to ensure they are compatible for use in mono-bridge mode before use to avoid causing permanent damage to your system.   EUROPOWER EP2000 manual and specifications-   EUROPOWER EP4000 manual and specifications-