X-TOUCH_P0B1X_Top_L.png new logo JPEG.jpg                 The X-TOUCH controller includes support for HUI and Mackie control, the widely most used protocols in the industry, meaning it will work seamlessly with compatible music production software (DAWs). In order to alternate between these to operating protocols the SELECT button on channel 1 should be pushed down whilst powering on the unit; The X-TOUCH will then start up displaying the configuration menu.   X touch channel 1.png

    Encoder 1 can be used to change the emulation mode between HUI and Mackie.           Encoder 2 is used to set the interface from USB, MIDI or Network (network details appear on                               encoders 3-7 when selected).           Encoder 8 is used to adjust the brightness of the LCD scribble strips.           Once the operating mode has been correctly configured press the SELECT button on         channel 1 to exit the configuration menu and your X-TOUCH is ready to use.