The V-AMP 2 and V-AMP 3 offer five configuration modes to provide for a variety of live and recording situations.  To access the modes, use the following steps: A. Press the B and D buttons simultaneously and 'S1' (for Studio 1 mode) will appear in the display. B. Use the arrow keys (< and >) to select from S1 (Studio 1), S2 (studio 2), L1 (Live 1), L2 (Live 2), or L3 (Live 3) modes. C. Press the TUNER key after the configuration mode has been selected, to return to PLAY mode. Depending on the configuration, the V-AMP left and right outputs might offer two different signal types.  If you plug in the headphones, the V-AMP will only function in S1 mode.  The following examples will show you how the five configuration modes function:   Studio 1 (S1) mode: This is the same mode that was offered as the mode on the original V-AMP, and it is the default mode on the V-AMP. This mode offers stereo operation with selected effects and speaker simulations both sent from the LINE OUT L and R.  In this mode, you can use the V-AMP 2 as a practice amp with headphones or speakers, or you can connect it to stereo line channels on a mixer for recording purposes.   Studio 2 (S2) mode: In this mode the left LINE OUTPUT provides a dry signal (with compression and/or auto wah if you so choose) to connect to the input of a recorder.  The right LINE OUTPUT is used for monitoring purposes only, and can include modulation, delay and reverb effects.  With this method, you can record a dry signal into a recorder while listening to a wet signal in your headphones or amplifier.  You can choose which effects to add to the track later at mix-down.   Live 1 (L1) mode: This mode is similar to Studio 1 (S1) mode, in that it provides a stereo mix to the LINE OUT L and R on the V-AMP. However, instead of running the outputs to a mixer then recorder, mixer then speakers, or headphones, you would send the output signals to a guitar amp with stereo inputs.  While in this configuration mode, you have access to an additional 3-band EQ to help you match the V-AMP 2 with the guitar amp, and the extra EQ controls will not affect the tone controls (BASS/MID/TREBLE) in your effect presets.   Live 2 (L2) mode: This mode functions the same as Live 1 (L1) mode, with the exception that the cabinet simulation is disabled, so that you will hear the guitar amp cabinet only.   Live 3 (L3) mode: In this mode, the V-AMP is used as a stage amp, and different signals are sent from the left and right LINE OUTPUTS. The signal from the left LINE OUTPUT incorporates the additional 3-band EQ, plus modulation, delay, and reverb effects, but does not include cabinet simulation. This signal is best used as the line input on an amplifier to be used as the guitar monitor on a stage. The signal from the right LINE OUTPUT includes cabinet simulation, modulation, delay and reverb effects, but does not include the additional 3-band EQ. This signal will go to the mixing console or stage box to be used in the Front of House mix.